About Us

Energi Transport was established in August 2010 by Evans Kohn, a 25-year veteran of the United States Air Force.  He established the South Carolina-based, company out of his passion as a Fuels Manager where he ensured military jets and other government assets were fueled and ready to carry out their mission.


Energi currently transports petroleum products, chemicals, and industrial gases, for its customers. In doing this, we apply the Air Force core values of "Service Before Self, Integrity, and Excellence In What We Do" to every delivery. We safely transport bulk fuel and other petroleum commodities throughout South Carolina and portions of Georgia.


In addition to aviation fuels, Energi transports a wide range of other petroleum products such as, gas, diesel, bio-diesel, gasoline, ethonal and fly ash to private customers, government facilities and convenience stores.


With the highest in quality control standards in the petroleum products transportation industry, we employ:


• Regional and specialized transport services

• Professional and courteous drivers

• Mobile communications systems

• GPS tracking for constant monitoring of every load

• The latest equipment specifically engineered for efficiency, safety, and    


• On-time delivery

"Service Before Self, Integrity, and Excellence in What We Do"


As a retired military veteran, I have lived and believe in the Air Force's core values. I founded Energi on those values and have incorporated them into the company's daily operations, and interactions with customers and employees.